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Or Si Studio. Or 'that one group of second years that are building shelves and cutting glass bottles'. Whichever you prefer.

Our Team: Welcome


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3D Design

Prompting Engagement between society and their environment is the foundation to Anne’s creative inspiration. Anne Hermon works primarily in ceramics, but often draws elements from different practices to make her conversational objects. The designer is also interested in how consumer culture and the want for constant newness is affecting the future for craft makers and as a result makes objects that are both functional and sculptural which hope to instil a sense of value to her pieces and in turn makes the user consider how other objects in their homes are valued instead of making impulsive purchases.



Interior Design

Creating possibilities to a new and better world is a top priority to creating a personal design. As an interior design student, I take interest in contributing to enhancing a space, or creating a design that would benefit the location. Recently, I have gained more insight about sustainability and developing new ways of forming a new material from wastes products. I believe that as a designer, it is my duty to show a distinct new perspective for people to experience when they perceive design.



Graphic Design

‘No matter the field, all design comes back to the idea of problem solving, plus or minus a few technical skills picked up along the way.’
Alison Duncan is (nominally) a graphic designer, mostly enjoying work with typography and illustrative elements on her home course. However, on occasion she likes to stray from that and take a much more multidisciplinary outlook, taking part in everything from embroidery to stage and set design.



Textiles in Practice

Yasmin Pheasant is a Textiles in Practice student who loves to try new things. She specialises in Print, but when given the chance she likes to explore new specialisms, such as 3D and Interior Design. All of which that she can apply to her future projects.

Our Team: Our Team


An Overview of Our Previous Individual Works

Anne Hermon
Anne Hermon
Anne Hermon
James Angeles
James Angeles
James Angeles
Alison Duncan
Alison Duncan
Alison Duncan
Yasmin Pheasant
Yasmin Pheasant
Yasmin Pheasant
Our Team: Portfolio


Being such different designers from different courses, how did our skills come together for this project? Read more about what each of us did below.

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Our Team: Testimonials
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My contribution throughout has been communicating our ideas through physical means that enabled us to grasp a greater understanding of the potential of our chosen materials. Initially I offered examples of how our chosen waste materials could be repurposed into alternative functional objects. By using 3D prototypes and physical samples, we were able to assess the functionality of our designs and through this process we acknowledged the changes that would have to be made to make our product a more practical storage solution for the restaurant ‘Where the Light Gets In’. I used this project to explore alternative building materials and experiment with how things that are regarded as waste, can be given a new lease of life.



What did we set out to do in this unit?

final material, baked for different time


Our aim throughout this project was to reimagine the potential that often wasted or overlooked materials offer. The objective with all our material testing was to create an alternative solution to our usual design processes that are often unsustainable. We also wanted to focus on creating a low-tech accessible process that would let our client make the product themselves from what they had on hand, given the current situation and lack of materials it may cause.


The Communi-shelves offer the restaurant a sustainable storage solution. The modular units are multi-functional and can be replicated simply to create as much storage as needed. The material we created is 100% compostable and designed to create as little environmental impact as possible, which adheres to our core value of working sustainably within a closed loop system


Through this project we hope to inspire businesses and individuals alike to adopt a more ecological lifestyle in which aesthetics are not compromised. We want to encourage people to work with the resources they have to create something new and beautiful for their space.

Our Team: What We Do
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